The GeForce 9800 GX2 has arrived, with XFX supplying the card that Ryan tested.  The big news for nVIDIA is performance; Crysis at 1024X768 with 4xAA ran with a higher average frame rate than any previous cards maximum.  This card doesn’t beat the competition by a small margin, it is far in the lead.  The performance does come with a price, and I don’t mean the $600 it goes for on NewEgg.  The card is 2.5lbs, it will make your system drink over 200W of power at idle and almost double it under load.  You can also burn a finger on it’s casing if you aren’t paying attention.

“Is the extra performance you get out of the 9800 GX2 in the benchmarks and gaming results we saw today worth that much extra money? While this is a very personal question between you and your wallet I’d have to say it is a definite maybe. In talking with XFX I’m reasonably certain that the prices for these cards will be at the $599 price point but I think that in NVIDIA’s complicated board design and cooler design has forced them to raise the price of the car to higher than they or their partners would have liked.”

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