Update: we seem to have not only confirmation of the touch screen debate but more new information as well.  The updated Eee PC will also possibly include a GPS integration and will sell for $500.  Nice!

This news post at Digitimes notes that a large resistance touch panel maker is confirming that ASUS will be putting one of their products in the upcoming Q2 launch of the updated Eee PC.  The best part?  It will only add about $10 in cost to the unit!

Despite Jerry Shen, president of Asustek, stating in January that the company will not implement a touch screen panel option in the company’s next-generation Eee PCs, sources at touch screen panel makers recently indicated that Asustek will in fact use resistive touch panels when it launches its next-generation Eee PC in the second quarter of this year.

The panel makers noted that resistive touch screen panel technology is more mature compared to capacitive touch screen technology for medium-size panel applications.

The additional cost of implementing touch-screen panels and related ICs for next-generation Eee PCs is expected to be about US$10, the panel makers added.