At one point or another, all of us have strayed into unknown territory with our PCs.  For some it was the switch to Intel from AMD, and the different ways that the system was set up.  Others might be poking around at the strange beast bearing the name Linux, or teaching their brain how to parse HTML tags for the first time.  Whatever it was that triggered it, we went searching through the internets for the information we needed, and we ended up in the PC Perspective forums.  Most of us have stayed and we can repay the kindness of strangers by doing the same in turn, and helping out the forum newcomers with our hard earned knowledge … and possibly leading the gullible on the occasional side trip. 

Be it overclocking, or trying to figure out how much power you need to feed your system, or just some strange behaviour you have never seen before, make sure to share your questions or concerns and offer any advice you have.  Even the ones who have been here from the start can’t know everything.  You can always lead by example, and show people just how much is possible

It’s not all about the hard stuff either, there are plenty of gamers and those with other interests.  You could go looking for a good argument, or try to cure cancer or find a ride to the stars.  Just don’t feed the weasel, he’s got enough material as it is!