Those of you expecting the 9800 GTX to be something wild and spectacular are probably going to be disappointed to find that the real magic isn’t coming until July of this year with a 9900-series of cards. 

Will NVIDIA's GT200 be the real next generation GPU? - Cases and Cooling 2

According to our sources, GT200’s final product name and launch day have been set. Two NVIDIA GeForce card will use the core, they are 9900GX2 and 9900GTX.

It is similar to today’s NV tactic: 9900GX2 just like todays 9800GX2, it is a two GPU product, and 9900GTX is a conventional single GPU product. Source mentions that both cards will be announce in July. In previous rumors, words have it that NV will improve G9X core by rolling out GT200. But detailed information still unknown.