Zalman’s CNPS9700 NT has it’s heatpipes twisted into a ‘figure 8’ formation and sports a 110mm fan with adjustable speeds, plus they include a full tube of Zalman’s thermal paste.  Seeing as how the kit goes for over $50, it is a good thing that they’ve tried to add a little value to the package.  In the testing that BCC Hardware performed, Zalman’s new cooler managed to keep up with some of the other higher end cooling solutions.  They also found that reducing the fan speed to 1500RPM pretty much silenced the cooler completely.

“The CNPS9700 NT was easily able to keep up with some of the best Air-Coolers we’ve tested. At idle speeds it was able to be as cool as the best, but fell back a couple degrees on the full load scores. Still, this cooler is pretty much top’s when comparing to the others and is a great choice for someone looking for a quiet cooler that performs very well.”

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