While the idea that AMD is only selling mainstream processors today isn’t exactly new information, it is interesting to see that at least one publication seems to think this is AMD’s official stance now.  As we all know, when you CANNOT compete at the high end with your best stuff, you simply cut the prices and sell it to compete where it can; AMD did it with the HD 2900-series of graphics cards and even on the 3800-series to some degree and now that path is CLEARLY going to be the path for AMD’s CPU business going forward.
AMD has completely changed its business model and tries to send a message that it is a mainstream CPU manufacturer, at least for the time being. There won’t be any high end CPUs from AMD in the next months but we believe that by late 2008 or early 2009 AMD will have some parts that can fight with Intel for the crown.

Everyone knows that both Intel and AMD are selling majority of its CPUs in sub $ / €250 market and this is actually the sweet spot for these companies. There is no doubt that both Intel and AMD likes to sell $1000 CPUs, but currently AMD doesn’t have anything for that market and it simply ducks its head down until it fixes its position.