US Modular is far better known for portable storage, usually flash based, but they are moving in to the field of DDR2.  The first module up for review is the 2Gb dual channel Cold Fusion DDR2-800 kit, which runs at 4-12-4-4 at 2V.  The Tech Lounge was shocked to see it beating out DIMMs from Corsair and other big names, but this kit has an Achilles’ Heel, it does not overclock well.  The other problem is that it doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere.

“US Modular’s enthusiast parts are all recent additions to their portfolio. In fact, the Cold Fusion RAM is their first big, branded push into the profitable arena, and it’s kicking off with the DDR2 reviewed here. While they’re mostly known for their portable hard drives and USB flash drives, US Modular has been making system memory in California long enough to know how to bin the good stuff and slap some swanky blue heatspreaders on it. Of course, in order to make a name for themselves, this memory will have to fly. Does Cold Fusion have what it takes to stir up the ranks?”

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