The ASUS Eee PC has been a runaway hit with the press and buyers looking for a strong dose of mobility, and the line gets a big boost today with a release of the first Eee PC’s with Windows XP pre-installed.  My review covers the hardware, which remains completely unchanged from the original Linux-based system, as well as what you can expect from the system while using Windows XP.  The short of it: more flexibility and usability.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that these ASUS Eee PC 4G-X machines are going to be available both online at as well as in the retail stores, allowing the Eee PC to meet an entirely new group of consumers.

ASUS Eee PC 4G-X with XP - Review and available at Best Buy - Mobile 3

ASUS Officially Launches Eee PC with Microsoft Windows Operating System

Groundbreaking ASUS Eee PC Provides Greater Ease to Work, Learn and Play

ASUS Eee PC 4G-X with XP - Review and available at Best Buy - Mobile 4Amidst great expectations, ASUS today launched the ASUS Eee PC pre-installed with Microsoft Windows XP. This new offering of the ever-popular Eee PC promises to let users enjoy an efficient online and work management experience with the incorporated Windows Live and Microsoft Works features. This will help create additional opportunities for students and other personal PC users who desire a portable and affordable PC to easily access the Internet virtually anywhere.

Easy to Learn, Work and Play
Lightweight and ultra compact, the Eee PC has generated incredible media attention as well as enthusiastic public interest since its inception. Providing users with a comprehensive Internet experience based on three Es: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent on-the-go, the Eee PC accommodates both experienced and inexperienced PC users alike. With the addition of the familiar Windows XP interface, users can better integrate and achieve total compatibility with current software and applications.

Microsoft Windows XP Experience
Pre-installed with Windows XP, the Eee PC provides an easy, convenient and fuss-free platform to seamlessly integrate multiple devices, applications and services. On top of this flexibility, the consistent interface provides a safe and dependable operating environment. Complementing this ease-of-use is Microsoft Works*, which equips the user with numerous applications that include word processing, spreadsheet, database management and address books.
* Note: Not all language versions of the Eee PC support Microsoft Works

The Windows Live Style
In addition to the Windows operating system, consumers with the Eee PC will be able to access Windows Live, which is a set of personal Internet services and software to manage their online world more efficiently and safely. Some key features include Windows Live Mail,which consolidates all the various email accounts into one place on the user´s desktop and eliminates multiple log-ins; Windows Live Messenger to help keep users connected with each other easily and instantly; Windows Live Photo Gallery that easily organizes, sends, posts and shares photos with friends and family; and Windows Live Family Safety, which offers built-in family safety features including safer browsing for children via Web site management.