Though we have already covered the official launch of the new ASUS Eee PC 900 series in the Asia and Europe markets, the US branch decided to get in on the action finally as well.  Apparently those of us in the US aren’t worthy of the larger screened, and multi-touch-pad version of the popular notebook until May 15th – nearly a full month after its release in the far east and far west.

The US branch passed on the system specifications (which we had already posted) as well as an images (which we had already posted) but also threw in pricing information.  The Eee PC 900 will run you $549 for either the Linux version or the Windows XP version.  Interestingly though, the Linux version will come with a larger flash drive; both will have the same base 4GB solid state drive internally with an 8GB of 16GB flash card included as well.

ASUS Eee PC 900 series gets MORE official - Mobile 2

•      Display: 8.9” 1024 x 600

•      Color: Pearl White, Black

•      CPU: Intel® Mobile CPU

•      Chipset: Intel Mobile Chipset

•      Memory: DDR II 1GB

•      Graphics: Intel UMA

•      Storage:

–     Linux sku:20GB (4GB on board + 16GB flash module)

–     XP sku:12GB (4GB on board + 8GB flash module)

•      Web Cam: 1.3 M

•     Dimension: 8.86”(W) x 6.69”(D) x .79”mm~1.33”(H)

•      Weight (kg): 2.18 lbs