Fudzilla is showing pictures of the upcoming ASUS Triple Radeon HD 3850 card – that’s three GPUs on a single card.  With 1.5GB of memory, ASUS is actually using mobility-based MXM cards for the design and is using water-cooling to keep the GPUs in line. 

The RV670 cores work at 660 MHz, and the card comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory for each core, clocked at 850MHz (1.7GHz). This all adds to 1.5GB of video memory. The card has four DVI ports and comes with DVI to HDMI and DVI to VGA adapters. According to the press release, the MXM module design allows users to upgrade the MXM VGA module in regards to GPU and memory size with lower costs, and additionally the water-cooling solution will be able to cope with an upgraded GPU and memory.

This leads us to conclusion that we might even see HD 3870 Trinity in the near future. According to that same press release, the HD 3850 Trinity gets 11662 in 3DMark06 which is a 139 percent higher score when compared to the single GPU solution.