The Catalyst software suite 8.4 contains the following:

    * Radeon display driver 8.476
    * Multimedia Center™ 9.16 (Windows XP only)
    * HydraVision (Windows XP only)
    * HydraVision Basic Edition (Windows XP only)
    * Remote Wonder 3.04 (Windows XP only)
    * WDM Driver Install Bundle
    * Southbridge/IXP Driver
    * Catalyst Control Center Version 8.4

The latest version of the Catalyst software suite is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms:

    * Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit versions)
    * Windows XP Professional
    * Windows XP Home Edition
    * Windows XP Media Center Edition
    * Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

Also …

If you have an ATI Radeon X1600, X1800, or X1900 series of product, download the GPU client (either console or GUI version) not to be confused with the CPU “Graphical client”. If you do not have an ATI Radeon product listed above, then download the CPU client.

   1. Download ATI’s Catalyst software suite
   2. Download the Folding@Home GPU client application

… and of course, plenty of bug fixes, which you can read about here.