It’s been a tumultuous week in the tech world, with Intel and nVIDIA going at it like a group of vi fans going after emacs users.  The stakes are big, the future of PC graphics could be decided, but both parties are ignoring AMD, and by extension the old ATI crew.  Ryan feels that this is not the brightest move, AMD could well become the major player in the PC graphic industry.  Do you think he is right; or do you have a different view?  There is also some discussion around the newly created PC Gaming Alliance, which is under the illusion that they “the Authoritative Voice of PC Gaming World Wide”.  Drop by this thread to share your feelings about this group.

The Trading Post is quite active right now, there are a bunch of cooling supplies as well as numerous other components to trade for, and you can grab a Q6600 at a great price by following the link in the Hot Deals forum.