The SyncMaster2263DX is a 22″ widescreen with a little friend attached; a removable 7″ LCD widescreen attached to the side of it’s face.  Benchmark Reviews doesn’t have a picture of the side display working, but it could obviously do a good job as a secondary display to keep your Photoshop controls or other tools on.  It will also do the job for a lot cheaper than the cost of a second monitor, though there are some performance drawbacks.

“The Samsung SyncMaster2263DX provides a more reasonable balance between screen size and price by offering an enormous 22-inch widescreen monitor coupled with a more modest 7-inch side display to handle the screen overflow. Like the heads-up display in a car, the 2263DX gives users a convenient way to keep an eye on a handful of side programs without distracting from the main task at hand.”

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