Creative has been hanging out with the RIAA and crew a little to much recently.  Recently they have attacked Daniel K, the modder who managed to fix the Audigy drivers on Vista.  Now they are upset with ASUS and their DirectSound 3D Game Extension which will offer quality and features comparable with EAX5.0, on a non-Creative based sound card.  Drop by The Tech Report for some insight into this fight to see who can shoot themselves in the foot better than anyone else.

“Creative has dominated the market for hardware-accelerated positional 3D audio for years, in part because the company succeeded in buying out its most credible rivals, but also because it’s largely managed to lock competitors out of EAX environmental audio extensions that most games use for 3D sound. Now Asus is challenging that monopoly with drivers for its Xonar sound cards that emulate EAX 5.0 functionality without Creative’s consent. Read on for the goods on this PC audio he said, she said.”

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