Folding@Home is certain leading in innovation when it comes to distributed computing.  The PS3 turned out to be a great platform to Fold on, and then they added support to allow R600 cards from ATI to Fold as well.  There is now a beta version of the GPU2 client, the next generation in Folding on a GPU, which adds support for the newer cards and carries some optimizations as well.  ExtremeTech was told that the newer HD 3870 X2 is capable of handling more parallel streams than there are atoms in the proteins currently being folded; F@H is going to have to start giving out larger proteins.

“Just last week, after a lot of waiting, Stanford finally released a beta of the “GPU2” client. This new client supports all Radeon HD 2400 and above cards, up to the Radeon HD 3870 X2. What’s more, DirectX is now bypassed, and the code interfaces to the card through ATI’s Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL). This should improve performance, compatibility, and enable FAH to support new cards more quickly.

Today we’ll examine this new client, and ask Dr. Vijay Pande, the Director of the Folding@home project, a few questions about it.”

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