The PC Perspective community is build from a diverse range of people, with different backgrounds and cultures, but a shared love of hardware and community.  Our members have found PCPer through a variety of means, for instance I was looking to end an abusive relationship with the ASUS NetQ forums and was welcomed to this community when I unsuspectingly followed a link from there almost 7 years ago.  However I doubt many people came via BoardReader, who seemed clueless when it came to our community.  They have since promised to fix their database.

We even accept Luddites!  Really, no matter what your (PC) problem is, you will find someone who can help you get back to normal.  Get help with the new Ubutnu release, Oscillating Ocelot or whatever the beast is currently called, or obscure problems that Windows has managed to inflict upon you.  Even if you are just looking for a familiar face to fill full of lead, you can hook up with willing victims.

It’s not all about tech problems here either, just head to the Off Topic Forum, The Lightning Round or the BOINC forums if you are in the mood, or do a bit of shopping

For the ultimate in passive involvement though, just plug into the newest PC Perspective Podcast.  Episode 28 was recorded last night and posted today for your enjoyment.