CPU Tests
CPU Test 1: AI

To test some gaming-related artificial intelligence the first CPU test simulates co-operative path finding with some miniature bi-planes flying in a canyon. 

Futuremark 3DMark Vantage Benchmark Preview - Graphics Cards 29
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The programming for this AI system is highly parallel and as such is set to take advantage of as many as 32 processors – more than enough for multi-CPU systems or as core values increase.  Futuremark claims that faster CPUs will be able to compute movements in a more timely manner and would thus result in smarter flight routes on the level. 

CPU Test 2: Physics

The second CPU test is a move to implement some physics calculations into the world of 3DMark.  Using similar aircraft to the first CPU test, these planes emit smoke while colliding with cloth and rigid bodies.  The AGEIA PhysX software library is used to simulate all the physics in this part of the benchmark. 

Futuremark 3DMark Vantage Benchmark Preview - Graphics Cards 30
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This test can also run on the AGEIA PhysX processor if you have one of those in your system.

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