After having so much difficulty with the Phenom, it is nice to hear some good news about AMD’s fabs.  According to what The Inquirer has heard, the yeilds on the RV770 are higher than expected.  This will mean the XT version, which uses GDDR5; as opposed to the Pro’s GDDR3, will be appearing sooner than expected.  Lets hope for some better than predicted performance as well.

“A FEW MURMURINGS out of China suggest that DAAMIT has had better-than-expected yields and performance out of its latest RV770 chips, which means that the XT variation – using GDDR5 memory – should be en route to hardware enthusiasts sooner than expected.

RV770 Pro should be hitting the shelves in June at the latest, and it was previously thought that the XT variation could be as much as two months behind it. However, the fact the ramp-up has exceeded AMD’s expectations means that the XT should now follow no later than a month after the Pro in mass availability, and the two cards will almost certainly ship simultaneously to press for review.”

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