This report on Digitimes goes over quite a few new processors that AMD will supposedly be releasing in the coming months including new quad-core and triple-core SKUs.  Basically outlining the plans for AMD’s move to 45nm process technology, here’s the bullet points outlined in the text:
  • Two new 45nm Phenom X4 parts due with 95W TDP
    • One with frequency between 2.4-2.7 GHz
    • One with frequency between 2.5-2.8 GHz
  • Final order date of current 125W X4 9750 by end of Q2 and replaced by 95W version
  • Phenom X4 9850 95W version will appear before January 2009
  • Phenom X3 8550 2.2 GHz will launnch in Q3
    • More triple-core coming in Q4
  • Phenom X4 9150e (low power) is now delayed until Q3 2008
  • New low power 9350e and 8450e will be available in Q3 as well
    • Low power 45nm parts will not show until first half of 2009
  • Athlon 64 FX-74 will no longer take orders in Q4 (why haven’t they stopped already??)
According to the motherboard makers sourced for the date, AMD plans to have 45nm processor samples to them by August or September and if all goes to plan the 45nm parts should appear on the market by the end of November.  We know that AMD desperately needs this transition to go well if they want any chance of staying competitive with Intel.

AMD is planning to launch two 45nm Phenom X4 CPUs (Deneb) in 2008 with core frequencies of between 2.5-2.8GHz and 2.4-2.7GHz, with both adopting 6MB L3 Cache and having a TDP rating of 95W, according to sources at motherboard makers.

AMD will announce the final order date for its 125W Phenom X4 9750 by the end of the second quarter and the CPU will be replaced by a 95W version – which is available this quarter – while the 95W Phenom X4 9850 will appear before January of 2009. The company is also planning to launch an updated version of its upcoming Phenom X4 9950 (schedule to launch in June) at the end of the fourth quarter.

In addition to the current triple-core CPUs, AMD will launch the Phenom X3 8550 with a core frequency of 2.2GHz in the third quarter (production beginning in the second quarter) and the company will launch more triple-core CPUs in the fourth quarter.

The company will begin production and take orders for the low-power Phenom X4 9350e (Agena) in the third quarter, while the low-power 8450e (Tollman) will see production begin in the second quarter, though order availability will not begin until the third quarter. The Phenom X4 9150e, which was originally planned to be launched in the second quarter, will not be available for orders until the third quarter, along with the 9350e. In the fourth quarter, AMD will launch another low-power CPU, while in the first half of 2009, the 45nm low-power quad-core Phenom CPUs (Propus) will appear in the market.

The company will stop taking orders for the Athlon 64 FX-74 in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

AMD’s 45nm CPUs are already in EVT testing and motherboard makers should receive their samples by August or September this year, if the process goes smoothly, 45nm Phenom X4 CPUs should appear in the market by the end of November, added the sources.

AMD indicated that it declines to comment on unannounced products.