Much like William Black in a certain Kevin Smith movie, I just can’t see the DX10 sailboat, even if I squint.  Sure, if you take hundreds of screenshots and go over them with a light meter and pantone pallet, you might find some lighting differences.  You won’t notice it in a crisis, while aliens are trying to eat you and freeze your planet.  You will notice the frame rate hit easily, especially on AMD’s cards.  Don’t believe it?  Read what [H]ard|OCP found when testing DX9 and DX10 in Crysis 1.2.

“Crysis, 5 months later. No excuses about immature drivers or API issues. We look at how Crysis DX9 compares to Crysis DX10 and what GPU is best for it. We analyze real gameplay and IQ. Did DX10 deliver on its promises? Should we stick with it?”

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