Almost three years ago, Gigabyte launched the i-RAM solid state storage deviceThere hasn’t been an update to this product since, even though DDR2 has come and gone in that time and there is a new generation of SATA ; an updated version would be nice Gigabyte.  You can see why this product needs an update in X-bit Labs latest storage article.  They compare the new Solid State Disks we have seen released by Samsung to three normal HDD, the Hitachi 7K200, the Samsung SpinPoint F1 and the Fujitsu MBA3300RC.  None of them stand a chance against the i-RAM with it’s 4Gb of DDR-400, as you can see in X-Bit Labs full review.

“In this article we are going to introduce to you two solid state drives from Samsung and a unique data storage solution from Gigabyte aka i-RAM. Let check out their performance compared to that of conventional hard disk drives.”

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