We have done more than our fair share of coverage on the Intel’s Larrabee project, the one that will bring Intel into the discrete graphics market for the first time competitively.  Though we could have guessed this, apparently TheInq got confirmation from Intel at IDF that they would indeed be adopting the “add-in card partner” method of selling their own GPUs.  Does this mean we’ll see BFG or EVGA branded Intel Larrabee cards?  Not if NVIDIA has anything to say about it but I think the chances are good; NVIDIA can’t hope to control all of their many partners so completely.

He said that Intel has not announced any plans to recruit add in board partners, but when the discrete graphics cards arrive, the firm won’t brand products as Intel and will take a channel strategy.

He said: “The first versions of Larrabee will be aimed at discrete graphics and we’ll have a rich set of software tools for that architecture.” That will include compilers supporting OpenGL and Intel will have workstation versions of designs. He said: “We’ve not announced any specifications,” but Intel will have multiple partners to bring discrete graphics offerings to the market, he said.