Technology is bad for your mind; would you ever run into this hanging out with non-technical minds?  Can you even begin to explain why it’s so funny to someone who didn’t get it right away?  Is there any enthusiast that you know off that isn’t able to explain their favorite processor to use when dabbling in the dark arts of overclocking, up to and including the difference between non-Black and Black Editions of Athlons, and who is doing the best at getting the most out of the new 9850

Ryan is making sure that PC Perspective is the best place to find out about ray tracing, and what industry leaders think about it and the future of graphics processing on the PC.  In his latest article, he speaks with Cevat Yerli, the CEO of Crytek.  Let us know what you think about what he saidWe would also like your opinion on the new Apple TV, a bust like the first version, or a great way to watch your favourite soaps?

While you are thinking about the latest and greatest in tech, please make sure you spend some time playing, joking and blowing off steamIf you stare into the circuit diagram long enough ... - General Tech 2or else.