I know we have all been hearing about the elusive DX10 drivers for Intel integrated graphics, but according to this report we might ACTUALLY be getting close.  I did do a little checking and this does NOT have the taste of an April Fool’s joke….

Intel is planning to announce a DirectX 10 driver for its IGP chipsets around the end of April, according to sources at motherboard makers.

The company’s G35 chipset was originally planned to launch last year with native DirectX 10 support, however due to driver issues products eventually went to market without support.

The driver will be labeled version 15.9 and in addition to the upcoming G45 and GM45 IGP chipsets, the desktop PC G35 chipset and notebook GM965 and GL960 chipsets will all be able to support the technology through the driver, however desktop G965 chipset, which was claimed to be hardware ready for DirectX 10, will be left out in this version of driver, added the sources.