It’s all about Atom at the IDF this year, the renamed Silverthorne that will soon be appearing in mobile devices near you.  There are five different tiny, low power processors being shown off, as well as a pair designed for mobile internet devices.  You can see some shots of the dies that show off just how small Atom really is in this article done by Ryan.

“”We still have much to learn about Intel’s new Atom processors but the way I see it Intel is serious about this ultra mobility market for the first time and is no longer going to sit back and let VIA have their way. The Menlow platform looks to be a great stepping stone for bringing traditional x86 power to the areas it has not been able to physically squeeze into like cell phones. I would also expect faster versions of these very inexpensive processors to find their way into all sorts of consumer electronics devices to enable easy software development and quicker times to market.”

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