The battle between Intel’s Atom processor (previously known as Diamondville) and the upcoming VIA Isaiah processor architectures is going to be heating up as we approach Computex this June.  Some initial performance numbers are leaking out, and as you would expect, they are just about worthless thus far.  Our first story on Atom and Isaiah told a story of Atom’s advantage in power numbers; this time we look at performance and apparently VIA’s Isaiah is pulling ahead:


To the Intel processor atomwas in the last few weeks a real media hype breaks out, but he meant Intel’s entry into the UMPC, MID and Netbook eigenstaendigen market with a product line.Benchmarks und genaue Werte zur Intel Atom CPU, suchte man bisher jedoch vergeblich. Benchmarks and exact values for the atomic Intel CPU, but they looked so far in vain.Das aendern wir nun, denn wir konnten sowohl aktuelle Benchmarks des 1.6Ghz Atoms erhalten, als auch diese mit einem gleichgetakteten VIA Isaiah , VIA C7 und einem ebenfalls auf 1.6Ghz getakteten Celeron-M vergleichen: The change we are now, because we could both current benchmarks of the 1.6Ghz Atoms, as well as those with a gleichgetakteten VIA Isaiah, VIA C7 and also clocked at 1.6Ghz Celeron M compare: