The new Futuremark is here, and while Ryan’s score of P4129 may seem strange and upsetting to those familiar with 3DMark, but if you got over the switch to Vista, this shouldn’t be too hard.  Futuremark 3DMark Vantage is Vista only, to do a proper job of benchmarking DX10 as well as the gamut of other tests included in this suite.  Take look at screenshots from several of the tests, including new physics tests that can take advantage of an Ageia PPU card.

“For those of you interested in the actual weighting of graphics and CPU tests as well as how the individual game tests and CPU tests all add up. One interesting note is that as we move up from Entry to Extreme the amount that Futuremark has weighted the CPU score decreases. This is an interesting side note in the current GPU/CPU debate as Futuremark seems to be saying that in lower end systems the CPU is much more important than in the extreme gaming PCs.””

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