Driver Heaven has had a tool that lets you keep the graphics drivers on your laptop up to date for a while, but Vista has proved to be a problem until recently.  The new version of their Mobility Modder works with XP and Vista and supports a wide range of mobile Radeon GPUs.  Tired of shouting yourself hoarse trying to get your OEM to update their supported drivers?  Worry no more.

“Unfortunately if you have just spent a few thousand $/£ on a new laptop and you want to keep your graphics drivers updated this leaves you in a bit of a pickle and many people frequently are waiting for their OEM to furnish them with new drivers. Right now the only option is to keep emailing your OEM to request that they update their drivers on a regular basis. However, we all know in real life that this rarely makes a difference.

This is where Driver Heaven comes to the rescue and has done now for years with our FREE Mobility Modder for Windows XP. Over 8,000,000 downloads would suggest that many people wanted the newest ATI drivers on their laptop, with good reason.”

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