It’s time for hardware reviewers to panic, there is a new 3DMark coming next week.  Every piece of kit lying around gathering dust because it has been benchmarked dozens of different ways needs to be pulled out and tested again.  This version will be Vista only, so at least there is only one OS to test the hardware on.  Follow the link at The Inquirer for more info.

“THE LATEST INTEL out of Scandinavia (that’s ‘intelligence’, not chippery, folks) is that the latest version of 3DMark – dubbed ‘Vantage’ in a bid to get away from the monotony of yearly nomenclature – is going to be out in merely a week’s time.

The folks at Exp Review have received word that the benchmark tool will be out on April 28. The software was originally scheduled to launch at the Game Developer’s Conference earlier this year, but failed to make the cut.

Vantage is 100 per cent Vista only, incorporating as it does a swathe of DX10 routines. Look out for the collective hardware press to go absolutely mental for it next week.”

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