Sure, UMPCs are designed to look great, are very light and seem like a great idea. There are compromises made though, and someone expecting a DVD drive or fast performance will be disappointed.  The ASUS U2E is designed to fit between laptop and ultra portable.  It is not as powerful as a laptop, but it sports a lot more features than the MacBook Air without gaining too much weight.  As AnandTech points out in their review, there are two models to choose from, so choose wisely according to your needs, storage space or speed.

“All of the above means that ultraportables often disappoint users who don’t know what to expect. A good example of this is the MacBook Air, which at first blush looks like a very sleek, sexy laptop.Dig a little deeper, however, and many people will discover that the missing features are just too important. Small keyboards, lack of integrated optical drives, and lackluster performance all play a role, and then you still end up having to pay a price premium for the privilege of owning an ultraportable. Still reading? Good. Let’s see how ASUS tries to avoid some of these pitfalls and whether or not they can succeed.”

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