Ars Technica has two questions you should try to answer in your own mind before heading to read their full article on the supposed exaflood that should be choking the internet soon.  The story that everyone should panic because the net won’t be able to handle the flood of data is not new, the only thing that changes is the app that will supposedly cause it’s downfall.  Currently the predicted murder is video transfers over P2P software.  There is straw involved with P2P, but is it the kind that breaks the backbone, or the kind you attempt to build an argument from?

“There’s nothing worse than showing up to class only to be confronted by a pop quiz for which you haven’t studied, but don’t worry; this one will be pretty painless. It’s only two questions long. Here’s the first one.

Which of the following statements are true of US Internet traffic growth since 2000:

  1. Internet traffic growth has increased exponentially year-over-year
  2. Internet traffic growth has held steady year-over-year
  3. Internet traffic growth is falling year-over-year

Question number two also concerns Internet traffic growth, but with a special focus on P2P. Hands on your buzzers? Here we go.

Which of the following statements is true of P2P growth over the last several years:

  1. It is growing at 1,553 percent per year
  2. It is growing at 690 percent each year
  3. It is growing at 100 percent each year


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