The next leap in cases, for those who want to go totally overboard would be the In Win B2 Stealth Bomber.  It comes with a motorized drive bay cover.  The cover is vaguely reminiscent of a cockpit canopy opening, or at least that is what the box art would have you think.  Putting aside the aesthetics, Overclockers Club checked out the cooling performance, and it turns out this case is a real performer.  Even the unique setup for cooling graphics cards worked a charm.

“On the front of the case is where you will find all of the buttons you need to use the case. There is a power button as well as a little red button, which is the button that you press to activate the drive bay cover’s motor. That’s right, the drive bay cover has a motor on it that flips the cover from the closed position covering the drive bays to an open position that will expose them all. If for some reason you need to open the front cover without using the button, such as when the computer is off and you need to get to a drive you have under there, you are covered. There is a “Rescue” switch that you are able to toggle between automatic and manual which will shut the motor off when engaged in the manual setting.”

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