When the 8800 Ultra first appeared, it’s MSRP was $829 or more, a hard price for almost anyone to swallow.  That hasn’t changed much.  Now it is being equaled by the new 9800GTX and beaten by the new BFG 9800 GTX OCX, a card with a fairly significant overclock on it.  The BFG 9800 series will run under $400 for this version, and just over $300 for the reference clocks.  Take a look at Ryan’s review to see what that extra Mhz will get you in when you are gaming.

“Looking past that, the fact is that you can now get the performance of an 8800 GTX or Ultra card for $330 or so that is more power efficient to boot. BFG took this one step further with their new 9800 GTX OCX card that overclocks the core and shader clocks by about 12% to get nearly across the board performance gains out of the G92.”

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