is not terribly impressed with the 9800 GTX, mostly because they feel it should have been an 8800 with a different model number.  Simply adding the ability to use triple SLI configuration, and bumping the shader and core speeds up a notch does not deserve to start a whole new graphics series.  On the other hand, it is cheaper than most 8800GTXs and it is a faster card.

“Priced at $349.00 it’s replacing the 8800GTX that will most probably now go EOL (End OF Life) due to the fact that it is currently priced $10.00 more than the 9800GTX. Personally I think this is a bit of April foolery on the end users as the 9800GTX is a good card, but it should have been released as a different version of an 8800, not a new nomenclature altogether. NVIDIA has to have something more noteworthy up their sleeves, but with PC games on the wane maybe this is a turning point for the industry at large and their focus is on the next generation console systems. XFX makes good products and this card is just that a good product, but not a great one. I would buy a pair of XFX 9600GT 740m cards that are priced at $169.00 each and run them in an SLI configuration if my budget was in the $350 – $400 range as they outperform both the 800GTX and 9800GTX when ran in a single card situation. That’s my take on all this so until later folks..”

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