Check out the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler, the bigger, badder follow up to the first Vendetta.  Instead of a 92mm fan, this version opts for a 120mm fan, and from OCIA’s testing it is an impressive fan.  Pulling 80cfm at 31dB is rather impressive and OCIA did test the cooler with other 120mm fans; the result was more noise, no more cooling.  Keep OCZ in mind when you are looking for your next high performance cooler.

“OCZ has never been a major player in the CPU cooling industry, but lately they have moved in strong. CES 2007 was their big opening, where they showed off preliminary models of their Cryo-Z phase change cooler, as well as some of their soon-to-be-released air coolers. A little more than a year later now, they have released four air coolers: the Vanquisher, the Vindicator, the Vendetta, which we reviewed back in November, and the Vendetta 2, which we have for review today..”

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