The once envied P35 chipset has fallen fast, with the X48 and P45 taking it’s place of honor.  It isn’t completely phased out yet, it is enjoying a lengthened lifestyle on value priced boards, like the ASUS P5K Pro.  Value boards are becoming much more useful with this decision made by motherboard manufacturers, six SATA ports is fairly impressive for a board that costs about $130, as well as it’s three year warranty.  The only drawbacks Think Computers found were a lack of overclocking ability and eSATA ports.

“Today I will be looking at the Asus P5K Pro, a DDR2 P35 board. Though the X38 boards have been out a while, and the X48 boards are finally hitting the market, the P35 chipset is still very popular, with its maturity and excellent performance. The P5K Pro is an economy-minded board, filling in the fairly sizable gap between the P5K Deluxe and the stripped down P5K SE. How will the P5K Pro size up against its big brother? Read on to see…”

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