AMD’s new triple core CPUs have arrived, with the X3 8750 up for review first.  The X4 9550 is roughly the same price, so the big question is the difference in performance between the extra core of the X4 and the extra 200 MHz of the X3 8750.  Read Ryan’s full review to see how it stacks up against other AMD parts, as well as several dual and quad core Intel processors.

“The X3 line can add some performance to a sub-$200 processor purchase while at the same time saving AMD from losing revenue on lost parts by salvaging some quad-core failures at the fab; and we all know they need that. If you are on the hunt for a low-cost computer then you should evaluate your own usage habits and decide how you value 200 MHz in clock speed compared to an extra core of processing and make the leap from there. If you are comfortable with overclocking as well then the X3 8750 might offer you even more value for your buck with some simple BIOS adjustments.”

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