There really hasn’t been that many reviews done of AMD’s new chipset, the X48 and other Intel parts are still stealing the limelight.  That didn’t scare off Overclockers Club though, they’ve finished a review of the ECS A780GM-A.  It suffers from the odd back panel problems that most of it’s brethren do, for some reason you can only seem to have a maximum of two of the following, SP/DIF out, DVI out or HDMI out.  In this case there is only an HDMI out.  There were also a few other problems encountered during the full review.

“Overclocking with the ECS A780GM-A was a challenge. I started off in the BIOS by lowering the Hyper Threading Frequency a bit and upping the the CPU speed to 210MHz, which would be an effective 2.415GHz (210×11.5) with a voltage increase to 1.4v. Even with just little bit, the computer would not boot without blue screening. I lowered the memory speed down and I was able to get into the OS, but only for a few seconds before the Blue Screen showed its ugly head again. Since the BIOS does not allow you to change the multiplier, I was at a loss. I then thought about AMD Overdrive. Even with AMD Overdrive, any addition to the CPU speed, no matter what I changed, the system would freeze and reboot. I finally was able to get the system stable by changing the multiplier in AMD Overdrive to 13.5x, dropping the Hyper Threading multiplier to 8x, and keeping the CPU speed at 200MHz for a 2.7GHz overclock @ 1.36v. The downfall is I had to decrease the memory clock speeds to 800MHz to keep the system stable, but I was able to tighten the timings to 5-4-4-12, which gave me a pretty good overclock in the Scientific Benchmarks.”

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