There is a good chance you are reading this now with the help of Firefox, but is it a beta of FireFox 3?  If not, and you are interested in seeing what improvements you can expect without the fun of running beta software, take a look at what Ned found, and what others have experienced.  There is also a brand new guide that has appeared in the Linux forum thanks to Meridian, if you having been considering getting into Linux for the first time it is a must read!

How is your love of overclocking and tweaking faring? Is it still as exciting as when you were first introduced to it, or has your love started to fade?  If it has, do you think that it is because a lot of the challenge has gone out of it, or are you just growing old and bitter like some of our Mods?  Whether you overclock your quad core or not, tell us what you do with those extra cores, apart from Crysis that is. If you haven’t picked up a quad core yet, you can find a good deal on a new one, or an even better deal for a used one.