CPU3D has been working with the Thermaltake Mozart VC4001SNS HTPC Chassis, the newest version in the Mozart line.  With the same style that you would expect from previous members of this line, the case will easily blend into a component cabinet, and the quality is in line with Thermaltake’s other offerings.  It is big enough to fit full ATX boards, so the sky is the limit when you are picking up the parts to build an HTPC machine.  Pick up the Media Lab model and you will get a VFD front display, remote control and IMEDIAN which will enable MCE functionality if you don’t already have it.

“Our CPU3D review team takes a look at the Thermaltake Mozart VC4001SNS chassis. This chassis is designed and aimed at the HTPC market and desktop solution. The Mozart VC4001SNS includes Thermaltake’s newest feature … “Media Lab”, which consists of special software, remote control and VFD panel.”

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