According to DigiTimes, the next generation of PSUs will have a new efficiency target to reach; 90Plus.  The inception of the 80Plus standard has gone well, with major PSU manufacturers having models that meet or beat that standard at most loads.  If high end machines end up wanting a 5000W PSU, an extra 10% efficiency might help you pay for the electrical work needed to put in a dual phase, 40A, 240V plug for your PC.

“The 90Plus standard is expected to become an industry standard for power supplies within the next 3-5 years, which will push up the efficiency of power supplies and help in saving energy consumption, according to Yancey Hai, CEO of Delta Electronics.

Although the 80Plus now serves as a common standard for the power supply industry, there is room for further improvement, driving the initiation of the 90Plus standard, remarked Hai during a presentation delivered at Digitimes’ 10th year anniversary industry event.

A total of 13 power supplies manufactured by Delta have received 80Plus certification, and the company will continue to work on products that will comply with the 90Plus standard, Hai stated.

In addition, Delta also supports the CSCI (Climate Savers Computing Initiative) program initiated by the international leading IT companies, including Intel and Google, Hai added, noting that the CSCI aims to reduce the power consumption of desktops, notebooks and workstations 50% by 2010.

Delta’s power supplies now account for a 50% global market share in the high-end server and workstation segment, with the efficiency rates of its power supplies reaching as high as 90%, Hai claimed.”

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