Perhaps it is because I am hard on earphones, killing them off frequently enough that it is not worth getting a good pair, but the LiveWires T1 Custom In Ear Monitors just don’t make sense for my listening habits.  They are about half the price of other custom IEMs, running about $249 plus the cost of your ear molds.  Yes, ear molds.  According to techPowerUp!, it is best to go to an audiologist and pay to get a mold of your ears made, as the “home kits are not nearly as reliable or safe“. 

On the other hand, if you find yourself habitually talking about the depth of the sound stage produced by earphones; you probably should consider investing in these.  They are incredibly good for their price and are going to be incredibly comfortable.  Me, I’d probably get them caught in a FedEx dropbox the same day I bought them.

“LiveWires T1 is the name of some new custom earphones that cost about half of its main rivals. They are built exactly to fit your ear with additional customization options like colors. These in-ears use two balanced armatures and play in a completely different league compared to whats usually available in this price segment.”

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