It would appear that the move towards all chipsets having integrated graphics is picking up speed as word has it AMD will be phasing out the 790X chipset and replace it with the 790GX.  The 790GX was just recently released and was kind of a surprise to us but in reality it makes sense for AMD to make this move.
AMD will be replacing the current AMD 790X chipset with the 790GX, which shouldn’t be too far away. Think of the 790GX as the best of the 790X and the 780G chipset combined with a faster IGP, and you’ve got it in one.

The GPU is likely going to be called Radeon HD 3300 and from what we’ve heard the clock speed should be around 750MHz. However, with many overclockable 780G boards out there, it’s unlikely that the performance will be any better than a 780G board with its IGP at the same clock speed.

The 790GX will also support sideband memory up to 128MB, although there isn’t meant to be much of a performance increase going from 64 to 128MB. It looks like IGP-less chipsets are soon all but a memory, although as long as it doesn’t end up costing any more, we’re all for IGP chipsets with more features.