The Enermax Pro82+ 625W is priced quite reasonably, and sits in a class of PSUs along with OCZ and Silverstone that provide ample power without breaking the bank.  As it is an Enermax PSU, a certain level of quality is expected, and from the results of the tests at Hardware Canucks, this PSU has no problems living up to those standards.  They were not fan’s of the cable layout, but on the positive side, this Enermax PSU will not be involved in the Ultra modular cable lawsuit.

“It seems that with the Pro82+ 625W, Enermax is firmly targeting the more budget-minded consumer who is looking for a no-frills power supply which is easy on their wallet while offering the legendary stability Enermax has been known for. By pricing this unit around the $120 mark, they have ensured that it is well-placed to compete directly with power supplies like the OCZ GameXstream 600W and the Silverstone Olympia 650W. While this is some stiff competition, Enermax is hell-bent on breaking into a lucrative market niche.”

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