BCC Hardwares takes a look a pair of 24″ monitors from Samsung, the (hard to find) ~$380 245B and the ~$560 245T.  The price difference really jumps out at you, and the two monitors reflect that in their technology.  The 245T has a 6ms response time, the 245B a 5ms, they both offer 1920 x 1200 resolution and can be calibrated to almost perfect colour.  If you are looking at gaming, the 245B is your better choice, if you are looking for professional colour quality and a wide viewing angle, then pay a bit more for the 245T.

“We have just taken a look at a couple of 24″ LCDs from Samsung and put them side-by-side for some comparison. We’ve got the affordable 245BW beside the feature-laden 245T and find out which one is better all around. The 245T has a ton of inputs, and a lot more features but it carries a much larger price tag as well. Check out our review for all the details.”

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