Apack’s Zerotherm FZ120 heatsink is the new and improved version of the Zerotherm Nirvana 120 and it is up for review at FrostyTech.  The improvements that they made have had a huge impact on the performance of this cooler.  Not only is the thick metal plating gone, everything about this cooler has changed; for the better.  The installation is fairly simple on both AMD and Intel boards, and the performance can tame and CPU currently on the market.

“Apack’s new Zerotherm ZF120 heatsink is a refined version of the Zerotherm Nirvana 120, but this is no simple fan switch out – the ZF120 is rebuilt from the heatpipes up. The result is an Intel & AMD compatible heatsink which offers substantially lower temperatures at its lowest and quietest fan speed, and a slight edge at full tilt that may bring it into the Top 10 heatsink list.”

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