Acer’s Aspire 6920G is really into multimedia, both making it look good, and making it easy to view.  It has a 16″ screen, at 1366×768 resolution (aka 16:9) and a ‘CineDash’ a touch sensitive section of the keyboard to make playing movies easy as well as full 5.1 sound.  It is a choice for those looking not for the lightest or the most powerful, but for those wanting to watch a few movies while they are on the go.

“Finally, we had tested Acer Aspire 6920G after Acer’s announcement for new Aspire Gemstone notebooks in March this year. Black cover in “piano” finish looks very elegant despite our first thought of greasy fingerprints all over it. At some point, I even thought that I am too subjective, so I asked my colleagues what they think and we finally agree that fingertips are less noticeable than on other notebooks with similar finishing process. In the middle of notebook cover is logo which lights up when notebook is on.”

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