LapLogic Aerogel Extreme LapDesks are handy little pads filled with Aerogel that protect your lap from the heat coming off of your laptop.  They won’t help cool the notebook, and might even make it warmer, but you will be protected.  I4U were also impressed by the surface, which did not let the laptop slide around at all, and it’s made with Aerogel!

“Today we are taking a look at a pair of notebook desks from LapLogic. Both the Aerogel Extreme and the Aerogel Extreme Wide have the same features and do a great job of keeping the heat from your notebook from bothering you.

Both versions of the LapDesk are ridged and the Aerogel insulation works very well. I used the LapDesk’s with several notebooks for longer than would normally be comfortable without any issues. I even used a Gateway gaming notebook in my lap for a long time and heat was not an issue. I felt none of the heat form the notebooks through the LapDesk’s.”

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