Installation (Cont’d)
Cut and install tubing

With the two waterblocks securely mounted the next steps are to install the PCI slot pass through bracket, cut pieces of tubing to length, and plumb up the system.  The outlet of the CPU waterblock should be connected to the inlet fitting on the VGA waterblock. 

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  1

A PCI slot bracket comes with the Aquaduct 360 XT kit for passing the tubes thru the back of the PC enclosure and connecting the power cable.  Aqua Computer supplies an ample length of color-coded tubing that can be cut to the desired length.  The semi-rigid Nylon tubing is 6mm ID (just under ¼”) which is common for a typical low-flow European water cooling system.  Take care to route the tubes neatly, making sure to avoid sharp bends, which could result in kinks in the tubing.  The Aquaduct 360 XT external cooling unit is designed to sit beside your PC. 

Connect the Power and USB cables

The Aquaduct comes with a standard 9-pin Power Cable (serial cable) and USB cable that must be attached between the Aquaduct and the PC. 

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  2

Note 1: Be sure to install the provided jumper on the J1_Standby pins of the PCI slot pass thru card if you are not using the optional standby power connector. 

Note 2: Do not plug the “Power Cable” into the PC’s 9-pin serial port.

Fill the system with coolant and establish flow

Prior to filling the system I pre-mixed 20ml AC Fluid with 980ml distilled water (2% mix).  Note: It is very important to use a good corrosion inhibitor, especially in a system with mixed metal parts (copper and aluminum) to help minimize galvanic corrosion.  As we mentioned before, you must remove the blue-tinted cover on top of the Aquaduct to add coolant.  Be sure to pour the coolant mixture into the right hand side column (when facing the front of the unit).  Once full you can apply power to the system, which should start the pump.  Keep topping off the right hand column until water starts flowing over the top bridge and the two side-tube floats indicate the system is properly filled.

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  3

Once again, I highly recommend running the system for at least a couple of hours before powering on the PC to allow all the air bubbles to work themselves loose and make sure there are no leaks. 

Install the Aquasuite Software

The final step in the installation process is to install the Aquasuite software and then setup all the system parameters the way you want them.  The Aquasuite software comes on a CD and must be installed on the host computer.  The bundled CD doesn’t automatically run (translation error?) but after manually executing the Auto-Start program, the installation menu screen should appear.  For many XP users, you must first install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0.  Ounce this environment is installed on your PC you can go ahead and install the Aquasuite software.  Launching the Aquasuite software with a functioning Aquaduct 360 XT connected to the computer should bring up the Overview screen.  Notice that the Aquasuite software uses tabbed windows to navigate through the various modules of the program.

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