Final Thoughts and Conclusions
The Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT is an excellent water cooling solution capable of handling the latest CPUs and video cards.  It delivers very good cooling to multiple components.  The Aquaduct 360 XT exhibits excellent build quality and highlights German engineering at its best.  It comes with Aqua Computers advanced Aquaero controller and Aquasuite software, which allows monitoring and controlling just about every variable in the water cooling system.  This feature alone places the Aquaduct 360 XT in a class of its own.  And while the cooling performance of the AquagraFX 8800 GTX video card cooler was good, the performance of the new Cuplex XT Dual Impact CPU waterblock was outstanding.  Unfortunately all this precision engineering comes at a high price, especially here in North America.

The Aquaduct 360 XT along with all of Aqua Computer’s other fine products are available from our friends at

Aquaduct 360 XT         $529.95  (USD)
Aquaduct 240                329.95
Cuplex XT di                   119.95
AquagraFX                     134.95

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  1

•    Excellent cooling performance
•    Built-in Aquaero controller with LCD display
•    Aquasuite software provides advanced control and monitoring
•    Very quiet with programmable fan speed
•    Capable of running in passive (virtually silent) mode
•    Excellent build quality
•    Easy to setup and install
•    Full line of optional waterblocks are available
•    Cuplex XT Dual Impact CPU waterblock delivers excellent performance

Minor Weaknesses:
•    Expensive
•    No fill port (must remove top cover to add coolant)

For excellent cooling, quiet operation, and a robust display and control environment, the Aquaduct 360 XT earns the PCPerspective Gold Award.

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  2

Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System

I would like to thank our friends at Sharka Computers for sending us the Aquaduct 360 XT and Aqua Computer waterblocks to review. 

Aqua Computer Aquaduct 360 XT Water Cooling System - Cases and Cooling  3

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